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A place to rest

Our campsite exclusively offers 10 sites with capacity for 6 people , separated from each other and equipped to enjoy the tranquility, the surroundings and the comfort of our facilities, in contact with nature.


Our campsites
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Photography: Courtesy Memo Ruz


Access to the sites is pedestrian, this means that the vehicle 's asses

they are parked outside the site area.

4 x 4 is not necessary to access the campsite.

Any vehicle can easily access.

Each site has:
Tent area: an esplanade of fine sand of 6 X 6 mt. with a small grill 60 cm in diameter.

Bathroom and Laundry: on one side of the tent sector, and in the same place, is the bathroom equipment, a comfortable and carefully decorated space, for the exclusive use of each place and that has hot water in the shower, light based on solar panel and a laundry room in the back to the outside.

Terrace : a wooden deck of 3 X 3 mt. It has a roof and windows for protection from the wind, designed as a resting place, dining room and viewpoint. It has a 1 x 1m square table and 2 stools for 3 people each.


Light :   provided by a solar panel, we only have one spotlight in the bathroom and one with an extension cord to move it to where you need it within the site.





Basic rules:

Each site has a maximum capacity of 6 people,

and has the following standards:


B uscamos instill the responsible use of resources (water and electricity),

so it is avoided to turn on appliances with high electrical consumption,

and responsible use of all bathroom fixtures is requested.

We appeal to the good customs of our visitors.


- Make good use of the space provided.


- Take care of the environment and remember to take care of all your waste.


- Make bonfires only in the established area.


- The use of motorized vehicles is allowed only outside the premises.

(We try to protect the dune and propose other activities)


- Annoying noises are not part of the spirit of our



- Even though we are animal lovers, pets

can affect the tranquility of others and also the

flora and fauna of the place. (be responsible)


Camping en los Choros


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Edificación Inca que se construía como lugar de descanso para viajeros.

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