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Now we have a cabin !!!

We have enabled and available our first



We do not offer hotel or cleaning services.

It is only a place for those who prefer the

comfort of a bed more than the adventure of

a tent.

The cabin has 5 beds: a double, a bunk or cabin and 2 single beds. The beds do not have sheets but they do have covers and pillows; and the bathrooms do not have towels or toilet paper or soap (these missing implements must be brought).

The kitchen has dishes for 6 people (glasses, plates and cutlery). There is a refrigerator, kitchen and water heater for the 2 bathrooms.


In the cabin we have 12 volt lights and 220 volt plugs. It should be considered that all the electricity in the cabin is thanks to sunlight, so it IS NOT UNLIMITED, especially if the days are cloudy. Its duration depends on the use and is much longer when devices that have resistance (hair dryers, heaters, etc.) are not used.

The value per night is $ 140,000.-

here some photos:

Camping en los Choros


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Edificación Inca que se construía como lugar de descanso para viajeros.

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