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2 teaspoons of sugar

Rum 2 ounces (60 ml)

Some leaves   Peppermint

Other types of herbs such as peppermint can be used instead of spearmint


How to prepare the drink:


In a large glass, we add the mint, breaking it with our hands. We add the two tablespoons of sugar.

Before splitting the lime, we press it lightly and roll it against the table so that it softens inside. We cut it in half and squeeze it with our hand over the glass to release all the juice.

Using a wooden spoon as a mortar, we “trample” the three ingredients to mix them well, but without overdoing it so as not to destroy the leaves.

We add crushed ice to the middle of the glass.

Add the rum and mix everything well so that the mint leaves move from the bottom and occupy everything.

We pour ice to the edge and fill the excess space with soda. We mix well.


Tambo recipe:
We will be permanently delivering a recipe, so you can prepare the richest drinks.

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